Probable Cause

See blue use to be my favorite color
until being of color got me pulled over
and that same beautiful blue became the most horrific scene.
I saw my life flash before my eyes
as I practiced my lines,
“no officer I don’t know why you pulled me over”,
“ok sir I’m going to lean over and grab my registration out of the glove department box”
or should I just keep my hands on the wheel,
anything to keep from being killed..
“no sir I don’t know why you pulled me over”.
He ask for my license and registration
but I’m in full concentration
just trying not to make any sudden moves.
I don’t want this man to have a “good excuse”
“Excuse me Officer, would you mind telling me why I am being pulled over”
he glares back at me,  I put my breath on pause
Without even a thought he blurts out “probable cause”

Beautiful Error

Beautiful error please excuse my grammar as I give effort to push past all your semicolons and commas to get straight to my point… you never needed a bridge to piece together your “am” and “will be” because if you really take a look back you ‘ll see you had already been given wings, to sore, to fly, to be what you will be. You are strong, like the bass playing in the background, I hear every note remixing your symphonies until the notes write love letters back to you. Smiles last longer than they usually do. And now they all dance to a different beat, see the only true safe zone  is in Him,the One you once  pretended to be…still, rest and try to get some sleep. Get some peace and don’t worry about all the things you feel you have to delete. Because beautiful errors are rare a masterpiece.

Finish Me

Since the beginning of time we’ve been told lies to comfort us into misery, are you hearing me? No more implications, no more celebration, as we deteriorate into fractions of who we should have been. Could have been would have been, if it wasn’t for the lies that spread across our face, painting an illusion of self to be greater than I Am, seeking to find answers to questions not even asked, how we bask in glory of the former things, our eyes averted from glory of the forward things. Who will we be 3 years from now

The Vows:The Love We Wait For

What is it to love another so deeply?

Hollywood you told me …x…y…z

but real love is found way down in the trenches

when money won’t fix it, that cut deep… heal slow

…but never let go love,

that, I don’t even like you but have you ate today, Love?

I never knew love to be so brutal

I mean beauty full

something like nails and a cross and a thorn encrusted crown

seems just a little more heavier than that I’ma to hold you down

people tend to often forsake.

But I Found Love and it was so painfully miraculous,

whips and cat o’ nine tails autographing its signature of devotion

…. blood compiling symphonies

of all the times I didn’t deserve

the preserved strength of Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

I Found Love way down in these trenches

at the Garden of Gethsemane,

tears watering my buried insecurities,

I tossed all the stones I was throwing

…forgive me for I know not what I did.

I Found Love in the dark

and then the Truth came

and revealed what Love really looked like in the light,

and I did not take it lightly or gracefully.

I found it hard to take apart the parts I didn’t want,

mixing my peas and carrots and mashed potatoes;

I just wanted mashed potatoes.

Yet love seemed to come with all of it:

Shepherd’s pie…

it led me beside the still waters

but it also had me on the ship in the middle of a storm.

I found Love in the belly of a whale

four nights and three days

I wailed over the expense of obedience

I did not want to pay the cost,

yet I could not afford not to.

I found love not in the 50/50

but in the 90% when 10% was only being given.

I found Love at the end of the paragraph

not in the thesis.

So when I say I love you….

I love you is an just an understatement


What is it to love another so deeply? Hollywood, you made me believe that I was worth fighting for, that I was worth being chased down at the airport, catch me before I get on that plane! You told me that I was worth bar fights over and jackets laid over puddles. You made me think that one game of basketball could win his heart. Hollywood you told me that love would have him st stum stumb stumbling over his words in attempt to talk to me, and that I would be worth all his lame jokes in attempt to make me smile. You said that there was this one guy who would turn my word rightside-up and make all the heartbreak worth meeting him. You told me that no matter the situation, love would always find it’s way back to me in some hallway with a passionate kiss. But maybe love won’t find me here, maybe there is no home big enough to hold this heart of mine. There is no one searching the airport looking for the back of my head, no one throwing fist in my honor, no stumbling to find words, no roses at my office desk, no plans of winning my love and affection, no breakfast in bed or missed calls and texts, no voicemail just to hear my breath but then again I guess this love always ends when the movie goes off. But I think…I know I’m worth all those things….but Hollywood I want a love that stays. A love that stays when the bills try to drown us out and we are up to our necks in debt. A love that stays after the screaming and cussing, fighting and fussing when the dishes aren’t clean and the trash hasn’t been taken out yet , a love that stays after arguments over laundry on the floor or the toilet seat being left up. I want a love that stays when all the “I love you’s” fade along with all the romantic dates. I want a love that stays especially after a long day of work or when our feelings are hurt and we just can’t stand each other. I want a love that carries miscarriage after miscarriage and we are just tired of trying, a love that stays when the ever after is over and when we’re completely broke or have money piling over. I want a love that stays after time flies and when life and age catches up to us. Hollywood, I just… want a love that bares all things, believes all things,hopes all things. I want a love that never fails, especially when the movie goes off.

A change in the course

You know I think it is interesting when people say ..what is meant to happen… will happen..and apply it to every situation in life….I think ..not so… you have the ability to change the course and the plan, through the words you speak and the action you take..and God will allow you to cancel or reject what He has planed for you. He saves us from our sin not necessarily our consequence. Sometimes you can block the blessings in your life ..cause a complete shift to happen …The Word said…that God knows the plans He has for you…. while that may be so… you have to allow that plan to take place …we tend to want to go our own way. Take King Saul…God knew the plans He had for Saul, but because of Saul’s disobedience, His reign as king was given to another. We must be careful, how we treat people, what we say and the things we do, we must be careful of who we push away because we are uncomfortable, Yes God in time will make all things beautiful and work things out for our good…. but why go through all that when we can just be more aware … watch…and pray

Tribute to Moma Linda

The Wedding

I know that her life was a witness that God is… Her very steps left imprints of His glory, the very word she spoke was a sweet symphony orchestrating the Father’s love for us and I heard His sweet voice in the midst of her presence. Who can find a virtuous woman? Well… we all did. Virtue had no other choice than to spill out of her, flowing behind her casting a shadow to make even those in the dark know that God was and still is. Flowing before her shining the light that declared the way of the Lord, of course rubies could not compare, they wouldn’t even dare to classify themselves as having value when she was near. This virtue pouring out of her life, and now we fully understand what it means to live is Christ but also what to die is gain means. I can only imagine that breathtaking moment of the wedding that’s taking place in heaven. Crowds on either side stand in awe as she makes her way down the aisle, her Father at her side, making her way to her King. The one she lived for, the day she died for, this moment when finally she gets to meet the One who has loved her for a thousand years and more of course. Can you see her, she is clothed in a garment of praise, dress as white as the snow Christ had washed she sins and now before Him she stands, and I imagine as vows are being exchanged Christ says something like this: Linda, I have loved you forever, no time, no cross, no death, no sin, was going to keep me from coming back for you, I have watched you in the garden for many years planting and watering, working diligently to see a harvest, and I am beyond elated . That moment you heard me called you did not hesitate to answer and I am honored to have you stand before me today, face to face so that I can say for all of heaven to hear, that yes I do, love you. And the kiss of His presence confirms an everlasting covenant to dwell with Him forever. All this time on Earth she was being prepared to be the bride of Christ. As the wedding commences, I hear The Father in the distance saying “well done my child, well done”.

His love for Us

I’m so glad He loves us despite our broken selves, Even in our frail corrupt humanity we are the vessels upon His shelves. So in awe He thought us worth dying for and even better worth rising for, finding victory only in the cross he bore. Our Lord the one who looks beyond our faults to meet our need, clearly I see, just how we need Him, especially when moth and dust corrupt and thieves break in. We are treasured by our Treasure, Forever the Everlasting, is long lasting in His love for us. He proves to us that surely His love is a sure thing, and I for one am mesmerized.

Drop the Beat

I rehearse my lines to this beat I rewrite my rhymes to this sheet


I rewind, push play, then it stay on repeat, do it! .

This beat sounds like the drums introducing a King,

this beat sounds like that number one hit we all sing,

this beat so fire, no smoke, just flames… it’s heat …

this beat I know from finish to start,

this beat ..listen to it. … it’s the sound of his heart.

Guard your heart

I had to do my research on what the Word meant to guard your heart. I think sometimes we can mistake self protection for guarding our hearts, the difference between the two is who you put your trust in and whose strength you rely on to get the job done. Guarding your heart requires your Trust in the Lord and Him being your source of strength. Self protection is grow from the fleshly desire to be your own savior. And using your strength it protect yourself. Even now this just ministered to me. Today I struggled with self protecting mechanisms rather than guarding my heart in the Lord and trusting in His Word and His promises. Things aren’t always as they appear. Guard your heart in Christ.

This blog is dedicated to directing my thoughts and poetry in a safe place. I want to share with you perceptions about life. I want to share my wisdom with you. I want to inspire. I want to change the world!